Our vendor management framework provides a solid foundation for managing vendors & other third parties.

Here’s how it works.

Vendors need to be managed at
every stage of the relationship.

From procurement through offboarding, our framework ensures your
program addresses every stage of the vendor management lifecycle.


Select the right vendor and solution
for each unique set of requirements.

Risk & Due Diligence

Evaluate and mitigate potential
risks before entering into a contract.


Negotiate high value, low risk
contractual agreements.


Integrate the vendor’s goods,
services or software into your operations.

Contract & Risk Management

Get what you pay for and manage ongoing
risks and compliance requirements.


Formally end and ‘de-risk’
the relationship.

A vendor management program needs the right oversight
and infrastructure to ensure activities are managed
consistently and compliantly.

Our framework ensures your vendor management program has all
of the fundamental components you need for a sound, scalable function.

Governance & Oversight

Provides vision, direction
and accountability for the
vendor management

People, Skills & Training

Ensures the right level of vendor
management resources, subject
matter expertise and stakeholder knowledge.

Third-Party Profiles

Organizes data and
documents so you have
clear profiles of your
third-party relationships.

Policies & Standards

Establishes the scope and
guidelines for the program,
and defines key roles &

Operating Procedures

Defines the day-to-day
activities stakeholders will
undertake to execute
the program.


Centralizes information,
facilitates workflow, provides
reporting and ensures an audit
trail of activities.

Take your vendor relationships
to the next level