Expertly Tailored Vendor Management Training Programs

Give vendor relationship managers the knowledge and skills they need to optimize vendor contracts and performance while also minimizing third-party risk.

Deliver Practical Vendor Management Training and Performance Support to Equip Your Staff for Success

Our tailored vendor management training programs equip your team with the essential expertise and practical tools they need to manage third-party vendor relationships from beginning to end. You get a practical training program strategy, along with customized training materials and job aids to ensure employees follow procurement, contract management and third-party risk management best practices. We can even deliver the training directly to your staff.

Partner with Vendor Centric to give your staff the vendor management skills they need to comply with policies and execute best practices across the organization.

The Value of Working with Vendor Centric

Best Practices

Your training program will incorporate best practices in procurement, contract management, and third-party risk, getting staff outside their silos and into modern vendor management.

Tailored Materials

We customize your training materials to reflect your policies and procedures, priorities, organizational culture, and brand.

Practical Approach

Your vendor relationship managers will receive practical advice and job aids to tackle real-world situations so they can do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Our Approach

Step 1

Success Planning

We begin by aligning with your training team and subject matter experts, reviewing your policies and procedures, and establishing clear timelines and milestones for developing your vendor management training program.

Step 2

Training Program Strategy

We then develop a comprehensive training strategy, defining key aspects such as the target audience, training topics and modules, delivery methods, and performance support tools to be developed.

Step 3

Training Materials Development

Next, we develop training materials that are customized to your users, policies and procedures, and applicable regulatory requirements. Materials can include instructor-led courses, engaging micro-learning videos, process maps, decision trees, checklists, FAQs, and other job aids designed to facilitate effective learning and fit within your branding standards.

Step 4

Training Deployment

Training is then rolled out using a personalized approach. We offer options to deliver training directly to your staff or to ‘train the trainer’ so you can deliver it yourself.

Step 5

Continuous Improvement

Finally, we can evaluate the training program’s impact and identify areas for improvement, ensuring your training stays at the forefront of industry trends and compliance standards and guaranteeing it remains effective and relevant.

Advancing Staff Skills and Capabilities Through Tailored Vendor Management Training

American Councils for International Education partnered with Vendor Centric to strengthen vendor management operations across its global offices. An important part of the engagement was to deliver targeted training programs to enhance staff proficiency in all aspects of vendor management operations, and to ensure compliance with critical regulatory requirements. The tailored, instructor-led training clarified roles and responsibilities for staff, and the related job aids gave them the tools they needed to consistently perform day-to-day activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can create training for every aspect of your vendor management operations including:

  • Procurement training (competitive bidding, sole source, RFP management, vendor evaluation, and selection)
  • Third-party risk management training (risk assessments, due diligence, risk remediation, risk monitoring)
  • Contracting management training (contract design, negotiations, fiscal and performance management, contract termination)

We can develop a wide variety of training materials and performance support tools, all of which are tailored to the size and scope of your training program and designed to foster an engaging and impactful learning experience. Examples of training materials we develop include:

  • Comprehensive, instructor-led training modules and courses
  • Flexible, self-directed micro-learning modules for on-demand training accessibility
  • Comprehensive quizzes and assessments to effectively gauge learning progress.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) to quickly answer the most commonly asked questions
  • Visual job aids such as decision trees and process maps to easily understand how a process works
  • Practical tools such as checklists, forms, and templates to aid in day-to-day operational activities

All training materials are tailored specifically to your organization’s policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements, ensuring your training program reflects the specific nuances of your company’s operations. Beyond simply aligning the training content, we also offer services to review and refine your policies and procedures. This holistic method guarantees that your team receives training that is relevant, up-to-date and promotes the most efficient and compliant practices.

All of our training materials start from a foundation of best practices and optimized learning. We then work with you to configure the materials to fit your unique policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. All materials are tailored specifically to your organization, and designed to enable the development of your staff’s vendor management skills development. This approach guarantees adherence to both universal standards and the unique regulatory and best practice landscape of your industry, offering a solid foundation in vendor management training.

Absolutely. Through collaboration with your team, we can weave in real-world exercises and examples to make the training more realistic and practical for your staff. This fosters a deeper understanding of content and strengthens vendor management skill development.

Understanding that every organization has distinct needs for vendor management training, we work closely with you to identify the most suitable training delivery methods for your unique situation. We help you choose from various instructor-led and self-directed training options so you can create a program that aligns with your organizational culture and learning preferences, guaranteeing meaningful improvements in vendor management skills.

Yes. We can create SCORM-compliant vendor management training deliverables to seamlessly integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) requirements.

Definitely. Training materials can be designed to follow your branding guidelines, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.

Recognizing that resistance to change is a common challenge in adopting new practices, including vendor management training, our approach is strategic and collaborative. We closely partner with you to decide on the nature of the training sessions—be they mandatory, optional, or a blend of both. We then pinpoint the most effective delivery methods to encourage maximum participation and compliance.

We handle all the heavy lifting related to training material creation, allowing your team to concentrate on advising on strategy and providing subject matter expertise. This approach focuses your team on the important design decisions while we take care of the details.

Yes. We can regularly refresh and mature your training program to ensure that training materials stay current and that your program evolves alongside industry developments and changes in your operational environment.

The typical timeframe for developing and deploying your training program is two to four months, depending on its scope. This includes defining your strategy, developing your materials, and deploying the program across your company.

It’s simple. Schedule a consultation to discuss your training goals and requirements. We will deliver a customized proposal and cost estimate, typically in a few days.