Expertise to Elevate Procurement Operations & Management

We solve complex procurement challenges by transforming operations to create efficiency, control costs and mitigate vendor risk.

Modernize & Streamline Your Procurement Operations

Vendor Centric’s procurement consulting services standardize and streamline your procurement management processes to improve speed, compliance and spend optimization. As your strategic and tactical partner, we assist in modernizing your operations to improve efficiencies and drive targeted operational outcomes.

Optimize Vendor Sourcing & Selection

Modernize Procurement Management Systems & Reporting

Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Improve Staff Knowledge of Procurement Policies & Best Practices

Enhance Supplier Diversity

Our Procurement Management Consulting Services

Operational Assessments

Optimize your procurement operations with a comprehensive review of your people, processes, and systems, supported by a tailored improvement plan and sustainable change management strategies.

Technology Assessments

Design your optimal procurement management system with a personalized improvement strategy supported by a robust set of requirements and software options.

Policies & Procedures

Develop modern procurement policies and procedures tailored to reflect your targeted procurement operations while adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.

Training Programs

Enhance team capabilities with personalized training programs to build knowledge and improve compliance with policy.

Software Selection & Implementation

Get expert guidance in evaluating and selecting the right procurement management system, along with project management support to ensure a smooth, successful implementation.

Staff Augmentation

Boost procurement speed and scalability with our team of specialists, available to support special projects and provide targeted subject matter expertise when you need it.

Modernizing Procurement to Enable Scalability and Growth

Atlantic Council created their initial procurement program with the help of Vendor Centric, but like all growing organizations, their needs and requirements changed over time. Faced with outdated policies and systems, the Council turned to Vendor Centric for help updating procurement operations.

Transform Your Procurement Operations Today

Book a complimentary consultation to tailor a strategic solution for overcoming your most pressing procurement challenges. We support you at every step, ensuring a seamless transition from strategy to scalable success.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Vendor Centric’s procurement management solutions and consulting services, your organization can strengthen sourcing strategies while alleviating critical pain points interfering with operational performance.

Some of the big procurement management challenges we can help you tackle include:

  • Sourcing strategies and use of preferred vendors
  • Competitive bidding and sole sourcing standards
  • Contracting efficiency and risk mitigation
  • Spend analysis and maverick spend reduction
  • Procurement process efficiency, digitization and automation
  • RFP management
  • Supply chain risk mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance

Our extensive expertise and real-world knowledge of procurement operations management enable us to resolve even the most complex procurement challenges.

No, we don’t sell procurement software. However, our expertise in vendor sourcing and purchase-to-pay systems, along with our relationships with many of the industry’s leading software providers, allows us to offer impartial advice. We provide practical insights and direction, helping you choose procurement management systems that best match your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Yes. As experts in the industry with strong insights into many of the leading providers, we are uniquely positioned to provide strategic guidance for selecting the best procurement management systems. From strategy creation and stakeholder alignment to documentation requirements, our process drives efficient evaluation and ideal software selection in alignment with your organization’s procedural and compliance requirements.

Our services further include project management support to assist you in implementing the procurement software and ensure widespread adoption within your organization. Our approach to project management is both agile and dynamic, focusing on swift execution while aligning with your specific procedures and compliance needs.

Yes, we specialize in comprehensive RFP management as a key component of our procurement consulting services. Our process begins with planning and stakeholder alignment to understand your objectives and ensure a cohesive approach, followed by requirement development to attract the right vendors and strategically manage procurement risk. Throughout this journey, we handle all of the administrative details of  RFP management for you, allowing you to save time while empowering decision-makers to assess and compare vendors more effectively.

We further conduct thorough reviews and scoring of proposals to objectively assess each vendor and participate in demos to evaluate the practical application of proposals. Finally, we provide expert insight and unbiased advice on the final selection of vendors and assist in contract negotiations to ensure your company secures the best terms.

Yes, supplier diversity is a critical procurement management strategy consideration for our clients. We work together to develop a comprehensive diversity strategy tailored to your organizational requirements. This includes creating policies and guidelines, analyzing your supply base with enriched data and defining all key diversity metrics for tracking and reporting. Our approach enables your organization to drive value through greater diversity and secure relationships with the best fit  vendors.   ,

Yes, our team has extensive experience in ethical considerations such as gift acceptance, conflicts of interest, sustainability and supplier code of conduct. We can help you identify the ethical considerations most important to your organization, and craft policies and codes of conduct to use with your employees and your vendors.

Yes. Our consultants assess and optimize your vendor portfolio to identify opportunities while eliminating duplicative or underperforming vendors. This approach enables you to build stronger relationships with fewer suppliers, strengthen procurement risk management and create efficiencies through fewer administrative activities.

Yes, we do. While most of our clients are based in the United States, they work with vendors from around the world. We’re well-equipped to develop the necessary infrastructure to support both domestic and international procurement management operations. 

Yes. With extensive hands-on experience gained from working with a diverse range of clients across various sectors, we have developed a specialized framework. It encompasses all stages of the procurement management process, ensuring adherence to widely adopted best practices and regulatory standards. To gain a deeper understanding of our framework, we invite you to watch this brief video.

As an industry leader in strategic procurement management, we’ve established a structured and personalized four-phased approach that’s been tested and refined over many years to better optimize procurement operations. 

Operational Assessment: We begin by assessing your end-to-end procurement operations to identify improvement opportunities, including policies, procedures, technology, resourcing and governance. Our assessment is aligned with current best practices and industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Improvement Roadmap: Our procurement operations consultants then work with you to prioritize the opportunities and create a detailed roadmap for implementing improvements and generating ‘quick wins’ along the way.

Implementation of Operational Improvements: With the improvement roadmap as the guide, our procurement consulting experts roll up their sleeves to support you in implementing your improvement recommendations.  We’ll streamline and document your policies and procedures, define your resourcing strategy, clarify roles and responsibilities and support the implementation of new technology. We’ll also create and deliver training materials to prepare your staff for a successful rollout of the improvements. 

Optimizing Ongoing Operations: Once we implement improvements, we provide ongoing support to help you optimize your procurement operations. We can address all aspects of continuous process improvement, including vendor sourcing, procurement risk management and technology optimization.

As a leading vendor management consulting company, we use various tools and methods to identify and improve your procurement operations. This involves project planning, source document review and personalized workshops. Additionally, we integrate tools like process maps and RACI charts to simplify processes and clarify roles. Project management is integral to the success of our approach. We use project dashboards and regularly hold status and steering meetings with your team. Our collaborative methods are founded on gaining deep insight into your business, involving stakeholders and providing personalized recommendations that best drive your vendor procurement operational goals.

Vendor Centric works with a variety of industries across diverse sectors, including many that are highly regulated. Drawing insights and best practices from each, our multi-industry expertise enables us to customize our procurement operations management services to align with the distinctive requirements of your industry. Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Nonprofits & NGOs
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Privately held, commercial businesses

Our expert consultants take a personalized and practical approach in optimizing vendor procurement from assessment to implementation for seamless coordination across all people, processes and systems. Emphasizing speed, collaboration and customization, our service consistently outpaces and outperforms larger firms, providing a big-firm experience without the cookie-cutter approach or inflated costs.

Our procurement consulting services holistically guide our clients in building a cohesive procurement management operation that unlocks value. We provide both strategic advice and tactical, hands-on support, ensuring you have reliable resources at every stage of your journey, from initial evaluation to successful implementation.

Partnering with us is simple. We follow a 3-step onboarding process and are flexible in using your contracting vehicle or ours. Schedule an exploratory call with one of our specialists to learn how our strategic procurement management services can enhance your operations today!