Vendor Management Software Selection & Implementation Management

Select the right vendor management software and manage a smooth implementation with our independent advice and hands-on support, designed to keep you on time and within budget.

Confidently Select and Implement Your Vendor Management Software

Vendor Centric’s vendor management software selection and implementation services ensure you select the right vendor management system and experience a smooth software implementation process. Our unbiased software experts guide you in defining your requirements, evaluating top procurement, contracting, and third-party risk solutions, and finalizing your vendor software selection. We then provide hands-on project management support to plan and execute a successful implementation, on time and within budget.

Partner with Vendor Centric to confidently select and implement the right vendor management software for your organization.

The Value of Working with Vendor Centric


Faster Software

Leverage our extensive market knowledge to select the solution that most closely meets your business requirements and budget.


Reduction in Implementation Hurdles

As your intermediary with software providers, we proactively address challenges, ensuring a smoother and timely implementation.


Confidence in Your Software Choice

Benefit from our unbiased advice to confidently select and implement the ideal solution for your budget and operational needs.

Our Approach

Step 1

Success Planning

Set clear goals and engage key stakeholders, laying the foundation for a successful vendor management software evaluation and implementation process.

Step 2

Requirements Development

Develop a comprehensive framework through clearly defined user and system requirements, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and operational needs.

Step 3

Market Analysis

Break down the market to identify the vendors and solutions with the highest potential to meet your requirements.

Step 4

RFP Management

Manage a streamlined RFP process to solicit proposals, engage in demos, and advise on solution selection.

Step 5

Software Implementation Support

Facilitate the implementation process, providing ongoing oversight and resolving implementation issues.

Step 6

Continuous Improvement

Monitor adoption to ensure widespread use, identify opportunities to utilize additional features and functionalities, and assist with data governance, metrics, and reporting.

Implementing Vendor Management Software to Enable a New Vendor Management Program

Faced with a rapidly expanding network of vendors, Health First Health Plans partnered with Vendor Centric to establish and operationalize a new vendor management program. As vendor management software was a fundamental component of the new program, Vendor Centric provided strategic guidance and implementation support to enable Health First to get a new system up and running prior as the new vendor management program being deployed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting and implementing the right vendor management software to meet your business requirements and industry regulations is essential for effective operations. Our expertise spans the full range of vendor management software solutions, including procurement software, contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, third-party risk management (TPRM) software, and purchase-to-pay software.

Our established relationship with many leading vendor management software providers ensures you receive tailored solutions and knowledgeable support. Our consultants guide you in choosing a vendor management system that integrates seamlessly into your operations, boosting efficiency and compliance. From the initial strategy to the final software implementation process, we modernize your vendor management systems, optimizing the technology stack for current needs and future expansion.

Central to our approach is understanding your operations, requirements, and goals. We achieve this through several key steps.

  • Engage closely with your stakeholders to understand insights, diverse perspectives, and vendor selection criteria, ensuring that every aspect of your operation’s needs is considered.
  • Define functional and technical requirements with precision, utilizing our expertise to discern the nuances of your business and the software that can best support your operation.
  • Utilize proprietary RFP tools designed to enhance the efficiency of gathering and developing requirements, ensuring no critical detail is missed, paving the way for selecting the best-fit solution.

This meticulous approach ensures that the vendor management software we help you select and implement addresses the important features and functionality you will need.

We tailor vendor evaluation criteria  to align with your business requirements and goals, focusing on the most critical criteria including:

  • Functionality: Evaluating the features and functionality required to meet operational needs, including capabilities critical for procurement, TPRM and contract management operations.
  • Implementation Process: Reviewing the thoroughness of the software implementation process, including the efficacy of the approach and breadth of services provided.
  • Cost: Analyzing the software’s pricing structure, including initial investment and ongoing costs, to ensure alignment with your budget and clarity on the total cost of ownership.
  • Product Scalability & Roadmap: Assessing planned product enhancements to ensure it can accommodate your current and anticipated needs.
  • Integrations: Ensuring each software option can integrate with your existing systems to enhance operational synergy.
  • Training and Support: Evaluating the software vendor’s ongoing support and training resources to enable effective adoption and long-term usability.

Our project management approach is grounded in consistent transparency and open communication with both you and the software vendor. Here’s how we ensure a well-managed software implementation process:

  • Project Dashboards: Utilizing comprehensive dashboards to provide real-time visibility into project status, milestones, and key metrics ensuring that every phase is under control.
  • Standing Project Review Meetings: Conducting regular meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, and ensure the project is on track with budget and time restrictions.
  • Steering Committee Meetings: Facilitating sessions with key decision makers for critical decision-making and swift issue resolution.

Our approach to customization and software integration involves a focused evaluation of your existing systems and processes to ensure the selected vendor management software seamlessly fits. We document and analyze your needs during the requirements development process to guarantee compatibility and support your operational requirements. This strategy ensures that the software integrates smoothly with your current infrastructure and aligns with your business goals, facilitating a streamlined software implementation process.

Your software vendor is best suited to deliver technical training on their system, so our focus is to ensure their training approach is comprehensive and effective. We evaluate their training and support capabilities during the software evaluation process and ensure they deliver as promised through ongoing project management.

We expertly facilitate organizational change through the software implementation process by prioritizing several key strategies:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Actively involving your key stakeholders in the process from requirements development to evaluation and implementation, creating a sense of ownership and acceptance of the new vendor management software.
  • Continuous Communication: Maintaining open and regular dialogue, ensuring all parties remain informed and engaged throughout implementation.
  • Policy and Procedure Alignment: Guiding the development and revision of vendor management policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the new system functionalities, enhancing integration and adoption.

We work directly with many of the leading providers of vendor management software, which provides us with significant, hands-on market knowledge and implementation experience. We also produce a variety of educational content on vendor management software, oftentimes in partnership with leaders in the space, which ensures we stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements in vendor management software.

Data security and compliance are paramount in our vendor management software selection criteria. During the information-gathering phase, we ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements, recommending only solutions that meet your standards. Additionally, we can assist in due diligence, reviewing potential providers’ security policies and controls to ensure they meet your data security and compliance requirements.

Identifying and engaging your stakeholders is integral to the effectiveness of our approach. From success planning to product demos to final evaluation, we involve key individuals at every point in the process, capturing their input and soliciting meaningful feedback.

Our process is designed to minimize the demand on your internal teams. We coordinate with vendors, oversee project timelines, create RFPs and evaluation scorecards, and manage the RFP process too. Our goal is to handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on selecting and adopting the best solution.

Our approach facilitates open communication between your team and the selected provider, ensuring any disagreements or conflicts are immediately handled. Should conflicts persist, we take the lead in escalating the issue to their senior management, advocating on your behalf for a timely and satisfactory resolution.

We offer a comprehensive suite of additional services designed to ensure the continued optimization of your new system. These services include:

  • Policy & Procedure Updates: Updating your written policies and procedures to align with current best practices and recommendations.
  • Metric & Report Development: Developing essential metrics and reports for effective performance monitoring and strategic decisions.
  • Data Analysis: Analyzing data to help you identify and implement opportunities to improve efficiency, control costs, reduce risk and improve vendor performance..
  • Annual Review and Continuous Improvements: Conducting periodic reviews to ensure your vendor management system remains aligned with organizational goals, continuously improving through new technologies and enhanced reporting.

Scheduling a free consultation is all it takes to obtain a cost estimate. During this consultation, we’ll review your project details and provide a customized proposal and cost estimate, usually within a few days.