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Procurement Transformation

Managing Procurement Operations
on an International Scale

American Councils for International Education (American Councils) is a nonprofit organization that provides cultural exchange, language training, and professional development programs in 85 countries.

To date, they have built a community of over 89,000 program alumni including national leaders, ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors, and CEOs. To fuel their continued success, they receive US federal grants and must comply with the regulations under the Uniform Guidance.

With 450 staff worldwide and foreign offices whose budgets are almost entirely funded by Federal awards, American Councils needed to ensure that the entire organization was in compliance with new Federal procurement requirements (Uniform Guidance, UG). Providing staff with access to procurement data was also a challenge, since many program staff were storing procurement documentation locally.

Vendor Centric was engaged to help American Councils navigate UG procurement requirements and implement a cloud-based vendor management system that would allow program staff to access procurement data globally.

  • Documented policies and procedures that are compliant with Federal requirements under the Uniform Guidance.
  • Trained American Councils staff to help them prepare for new responsibilities defined in the updated procurement policies and procedures.
  • Automated procurement activities (using VendorRisk, a cloud-based vendor management system) to centralize information and eliminate time consuming manual tasks (such as performing SAM screenings).
  • Streamlined the collection of critical data needed to monitor subrecipients under Federal awards.

Vendor Centric’s approach was comprehensive yet practical. Tom and his team ensured we covered all of the procurement regulations and guided us through a process to not only prepare for compliance but also operate more efficiently and effectively through the implementation of a new system to support procurement, compliance and contract management.

John Henderson
Chief Financial Officer

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