The Need to Rethink Vendors: Vendor Management 101

New to Vendor Management? No problem. You can start here by listening to our first podcast in the series called “Rethinking Vendors.”

Our vendor management experts provide insight into the business discipline of vendor management, why it is growing in importance and adoption, and how Vendor Centric is creating solutions to help organizations manage risks, costs and compliance with their vendors.

Come for an introduction and stay for much more as you browse through our series of podcasts that each focus on a different aspect of vendor management. Listen to the full podcast here, and contact us with addition questions here.

Tom Rogers

Job Title: CEO
Organization: Vendor Centric

Tom is a trusted advisor on procurement and third-party management to organizations across the United States. Having worked with over 120 organizations over his 30-year career, he has a unique ability to bring both creativity and discipline to finding solutions for even the most complex challenges his clients face.