Rethinking Vendor Management

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The discipline of vendor management has evolved greatly in recent years. Cybersecurity breaches, new government regulations on procurement and third-party oversight, and concerns over reputational risk are just of a few of the forces coming together that require organizations to think more strategically about vendor management.

Since Vendor Centric was founded in 2011, we’ve had the pleasure of being a trusted advisor and day-to-day resource for organizations committed to establishing and maintaining policies, processes and systems necessary to manage their vendor relationships. We’ve also worked hard to share our strategic vision and practical advice on how organizations can right-size a vendor management program that works best for them.

As our next step in this journey, we’re excited to launch our brand-new podcast series, Rethinking Vendors. Each podcast episode provides another format to share our ideas and insights on how organizations can right-size a vendor management program to effectively manage the big four vendor-related priorities: contracts, costs, risk and compliance.

We’ll also be interviewing thought leaders and subject matter experts from related professions such as auditing, IT, legal, insurance and other professions focusing on risk. Because when it comes down to it, a big part of vendor management is about mitigating risk.

You can find the Rethinking Vendors podcast on:

Our inaugural episode of Rethinking Vendors kicks things off by diving into the ‘why’ of vendor management, with a focus on breaking down the external forces that are coming together to create a watershed moment for the importance of vendor management. Organizations can no longer point the finger at the vendor when something goes wrong. The new normal is that organizations need to be continually managing their vendors – not the other way around! Subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Fans of the podcast can contact to provide feedback and ideas for future episodes.

For more information, contact Vendor Centric’s Director of Business, Paul W. Schrantz at, or visit us at

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