Maximize Your Investment inVendor Management Technology

Vendor Centric provides independent advice and support to help you select, implement and optimize the right vendor management technology solutions.

Technology Services

Vendor management technology is complex, encompassing the three operational areas of procurement, contract management, and third-party risk management. Finding the right solutions and then getting them all to work together is a big challenge.

Our consultants know the vendor management software marketplace. We’ll help you find, implement and optimize the best technology for your organization.

Planning and Requirements Development

Need vendor management technology but not sure where to start?

Our Planning and Requirements Development Services bring strategy to the process by examining your current systems, data, and business processes to fully understand your needs. We then help craft your functional, technical, and implementation requirements so you can narrow the market and communicate your needs clearly to prospective vendors.

RFP Management and Software Selection

So much rides on selecting the right vendor management software.

Vendor Centric knows the vendor management software market. Our RFP Management and Software Selection Services take you from market assessment to RFP management and all the way through due diligence and system selection. We’ll help you find the right solution – and technology partner – for your unique requirements, culture, and budget.

Metrics and Report Development

Make data-driven decisions by getting the right reports with the right metrics.

Our Metrics and Report Development Services help you define the right key indicators for performance, risk, and spend, and create the appropriate reports for the right stakeholders, keeping everyone informed and ensuring data-driven decisions are made.

Software Implementation Support

Implementing new software requires specialized skills and meticulous planning.

Our Software Implementation Support Services provide the implementation and project management support you need. We’ll guide you through a comprehensive planning process, liaise with your software provider on your behalf and serve as your project manager to keep your implementation on time and within budget.

Technology Optimization

New software is only the first step – the end goal is to drive efficiencies and make data-driven decisions to enable the business.

Our Technology Optimization Services help you improve adoption, enrich data, and leverage reporting to make data-driven decisions and create measurable value across the organization.

Data Governance and Enrichment

You need reliable data you can count on about your vendors and third parties.

Our Data Governance and Enrichment Services ensure your own data is complete and reliable and that you incorporate the right external data about third parties, such as cybersecurity, financial health, and sanctions screening information, so you have a full picture.

Consulting Services to Support Your Journey

We provide a full suite of consulting services to support you at each stage in your journey. From initial assessments to building your infrastructure to optimizing your operations, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to Get Started?

We know the market when it comes to vendor management technology. Our team of independent advocates help you find and implement the right solutions in the near term and maximize your technology investment for the long term.