Comprehensive Services That Take You From Vision to Value

Vendor Centric supports your end-to-end journey to establish, implement, and optimize your vendor management operations.

Consulting Services

Baseline Assessments

When you’re getting a new program up and running, it’s hard to know where to start.

Our Baseline Assessment Services provide a structured approach to baselining your current activities, defining your priorities, and creating a roadmap with milestones for establishing a new vendor management program.

Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and procedures are crucial to vendor management operations, but who has time to write them?

Our Policy and Procedure Development Services provide you with written policies and procedures, ensuring that they incorporate best practices and regulatory requirements that are customized for your organization.

Resource Planning
and Support

It’s a challenge to identify and align the resources you need to support your end-to-end vendor management operations.

Our Resource Planning and Support Services will help you align your internal and external resources to handle day-to-day operations. We help you create your resourcing plan, define roles and responsibilities, and get everyone rowing in the same direction. We can also augment your team to support both short and long-term resourcing needs.

Skill Development
and Training

It’s critical that your team has the right skills and training to effectively perform their roles.

Our Skill Development & Training Services are aimed at closing skill gaps and developing your team. We provide skill assessments, training, and learning resources to make sure your team is equipped to confidently execute their vendor management responsibilities.

Continuous Improvement

Looking to take your vendor management program to the next level?

Our Continuous Improvement Services will help you evaluate your current program and find ways to raise the bar. We employ techniques like internal control testing, maturity assessments, and compliance reviews to assess your vendor management program and find improvements based on industry best practices.

Value Creation

Ready to drive ROI and create real value for the business?

Our Value Creation Services help you define your vendor management strategies and create measurable value through cost savings, risk reduction, and vendor performance improvement.

Technology Services

We know the market when it comes to vendor management technology. Our team of independent advocates helps you find and implement the right solutions in the near term and maximize your technology investment for the long term.

Ready to Get Started?

Our specialists will listen to your challenges, discuss options and create a customized solution just for you. We’ll then work with you side-by-side to get your stakeholders on board and your infrastructure in place so that operations are running smoothly.  Our goal is to take you from vision to value and support you every step of the way.