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Vendor Centric Announces Strategic Partnership with Gatekeeper
A partnership to help businesses in regulated industries manage third-party oversight, contracts and risks more effectively.

GAITHERSBURG, MD – April 21, 2020 – Vendor Centric announced today their Partnership Agreement with Gatekeeper, an industry leader in Contract and Vendor Management Software. Vendor Centric, specializing in best-in-class vendor management, provides a comprehensive suite of services, software and managed solutions that ensure you’ve got control of your vendors and other third parties so you can manage them with total confidence.

Vendor Centric has continued to follow a proven framework that helps our clients create a new or improve upon an existing vendor management program. Vendor Centric puts the right resources, controls and systems in place to conduct due diligence, identify gaps, monitor risk exposure, and comply with regulations. In addition, Vendor Centric continues to help attain low-risk, high performing contracts by standardizing processes, strengthening control and leveraging technology.

“Effective contract management is crucial to every vendor management program, and our clients are looking for ways to streamline and improve their contract management processes”, said Tom Rogers, Founder and CEO of Vendor Centric. “Gatekeeper offers best-in-class contract management software that is built on efficient workflows and leverages artificial intelligence. Our partnership allows us to package our contract management services with Gatekeeper’s cloud-based platform to offer a comprehensive solution to our clients. I’m incredibly excited to roll this out.”

We are excited to formally welcome Gatekeeper as one of our newest partners. By working together, our Vendor Centric clients will now have software that gives our customers complete control and oversight across all of their vendor portfolios. This will help consolidate costs, automatically track key milestones, mitigate risks and store all documentation securely in the cloud.

This partnership comes at an important time to assist businesses to fully appreciate the value of a robust risk management system. Together we are helping our customers navigate the unprecedented upheaval successfully.

About Vendor Centric
Since 2011 Vendor Centric has specialized in providing third-party management strategies and solutions to organizations in highly regulated industries across the United States. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of services, software and managed solutions that enable companies to drive more value from their vendor relationships, mitigate third-party risks and comply with an ever-growing set of regulatory requirements. To manage your vendors with total confidence and to learn more, visit:

About Gatekeeper
Gatekeeper is a leading provider of cloud Vendor and Contract Management Software. Originally created by Cinergy Group, a procurement consultancy in 2012 as a means of tracking contract and vendor performance on behalf of clients, the software has stood alone for five years now and helps over 250 customers from all over the world manage their contract and vendor relationships effectively. To learn more about Gatekeeper Contract Vendor Management Software, visit:

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