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GAITHERSBURG, MD – March 19, 2020 – Vendor Centric, specializing in best-in-class third party management. Vendor Centric provides a comprehensive suite of services, software and managed solutions that ensure you’ve got control of your third parties and manage them with total confidence. Vendor Centric announced today their Partnership Agreement with Argos Risk®, an industry leader of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions.

Vendor Centric has continued to follow proven framework that helps our clients create new or improved upon existing vendor management programs. Here at Vendor Centric we put the right resources, controls and systems in place to conduct due diligence, identify gaps, monitor risk exposure, and comply with regulations. In addition, Vendor Centric continues to help attain low-risk, high performing contracts by standardizing processes, strengthening control and leveraging technology.

When companies partner with the right vendors and third-parties, they realize an operational and competitive advantage they may be unable to achieve on their own. Our mission has been to help our clients obtain these advantages; while minimizing their risk and ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements,” said Tom Rogers, our Founder and CEO. “Our strategic partnership with Argos Risk elevates our mission to the next level by providing the additional analytical tools needed to manage third-party risk and perform due diligence,” added Rogers.

Argos Risk provides an affordable web-based subscription service that helps companies proactively manage third-party risk intelligence and business viability risks associated with their third-party relationships, including vendors, ACH/RDC originators, and direct and indirect lending clients. “It is a great strategic fit and we are equally excited about the opportunity to help their clients assess and monitor their vendor viability,” said Lori Frank, Argos Risk President and CEO.

We are excited to formally welcome Argos Risk as one of our newest partners. By working together, our Vendor Centric clients will now have unprecedented insight and the additional ability to receive critical business metrics to minimize potential risks in their vendor and other third-party relationships.

About Vendor Centric
Since 2011 Vendor Centric has specialized in providing third-party management strategies and solutions to organizations in highly regulated industries across the United States. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of services, software and managed solutions that enable companies to drive more value from their vendor relationships, mitigate third-party risks and comply with an ever-growing set of regulatory requirements. To manage your vendors with total confidence and to learn more, visit:

About Argos Risk
Argos Risk is a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions. Formed in 2010, experts in Third-Party Risk Intelligence services and fulfilling a need for timely and comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. Argos Risk provides innovative and affordable subscription services that help companies manage the risk associated with their third-party relationships, such as Vendor Management, ACH/RDC originators and lending clients – direct and indirect and Supply Chain Management. To learn more about Argos Risk visit:

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