How Zappos Gets More from Its Vendors

When it comes to the value of vendor relationships, Zappos gets it.

Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh, has spoken frequently about Zappo’s approach to developing collaborative relationships with vendors and how important it’s been to the company’s success. Zappos even explicitly mentions vendors in two of the company’s 10 Core Values (here and here).

Tony and Zappos know that in order to provide an incredible experience for their customers, they need to partner with the right, strategic vendors who can support Zappos’ ability to make each customer’s experience a positive one.

One of the very cool things Zappos has done is create the Zappos Vendor Guide which provides expectations for the company’s relationship with its vendors, along with policies and processes that should be followed to ensure a consistent, quality experience.

The guide is 48 pages long and detailed for a reason: Zappos wants to ensure every vendor has clear expectations about their relationship with the company, and that they deliver a consistent experience for Zappos each and every time.

Has your company taken any new initiatives to better collaborate with your vendors? If so, I’d love to hear about them.
Tom Rogers

Job Title: CEO
Organization: Vendor Centric

Tom is the founder and CEO of Vendor Centric, he has been a trusted advisor to nonprofit organizations for 30 years, with a focus on helping them align the right people, processes and systems to mitigate third-party risk and drive more value from third-party contracts and relationships.

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