The Nonprofit CFO's Guide to Virtual Credit Cards

A step-by-step guide for implementing virtual credit cards to reduce fraud, simplify tasks and create bottom-line cash flow!

What You’ll Learn From Reading This Guide:

  • What virtual credit cards are and how they really work
  • Why nonprofits (and their vendors) love virtual credit cards, and why adoption continues to grow
  • The key activities you must undertake to drive high vendor enrolment
  • 4 Big Benefits you can expect from a well-designed virtual credit card program
  • The top 5 opportunities for nonprofits to leverage virtual credit cards
  • A step-by-step process you can follow to plan and launch your own successful virtual credit card program

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In the first 4 weeks of our virtual credit card implementation we enrolled nearly 250 vendors. The payment process is very easy, and we anticipate generating significant cash rebates annually.

Gerald Moench, CPA
CFO, Rockhurst University

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