2017 Uniform Guidance Survey of Federal Grant Recipients

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Our report provides both a summary and detailed analysis of the results from our national survey of federal grant recipients. In it you will gain insight into:

  • the biggest challenges grant recipients are facing as they implement the Uniform Guidance;
  • how ready they are to implement the big changes required under the new procurement standards;
  • whether implementing the Uniform Guidance has required them to expand internal resources; and
  • the top priorities they’ll be focusing on in the near term.

If your organization receives federal funding, this is a report you’ll want to read.

Read our report to gain practical insights and benchmark your progress in implementing the Uniform Guidance

In December 2013, the OMB issued the Uniform Guidance on Cost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards, commonly referred to as the Uniform Guidance.  This consolidated eight previously published, separate OMB circulars into one.

The Uniform Guidance brought significant change. Here at Vendor Centric, we wanted to know how the thousands of federal grant recipients were accommodating these new, expansive regulations.

Nearly 150 federal grant recipients responded to our survey.  Download our summary and analysis of the results to gain practical insights, and dig into the data to evaluate your own progress in complying with these new standards.

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