We put down our roots in
procurement, and branched
out naturally from there.

About Vendor Centric

When we started Vendor Centric, our clients cared about slashing costs with their vendors more than just about anything else. Our initial services reflected that, with a heavy dose of procurement consulting, strategic sourcing and even group purchasing.

But a major shift has happened since then. Companies are relying more and more on third- parties, and relationships have become riskier and more complex. Cost containment is always a concern, but third-party risk management and regulatory compliance have moved to the top of the list.

As our clients’ needs changed, our services did too. Today’s Vendor Centric offers a comprehensive suite of services, software and managed solutions to manage vendors and other third-parties – from start to finish

Here’s the story of how we got here.

Rethinking Vendors 2

Rethinking Vendors 2.0

Reliance on vendors and other types of third parties has never been more important, as globalization and cloud technologies continue to grow and relationships become deeper and more complex. As a result, vendor management is evolving from an ad hoc, back-office function to a key part of business operations with dedicated resources and increasing visibility in the board room.

When companies partner with the right vendors and third-parties, they realize operational and competitive advantages they can’t achieve on their own. Our mission is to help our clients get these advantages, while also minimizing their risk and ensure they comply with a growing list of regulatory requirements.

Tom Rogers
Founder and Chief Consultant

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